Rachael White | Set the Table

Hey! I'm Rachael, a mom to two boys and wife to a tall, handsome Coloradan. I start my day with coffee and usually end it with Netflix and wine. I love cooking and photography and I'm pretty sure they are both classified as love languages. 

Rachael White | Set the Table

My floors are often covered in dog hair (thanks to our two crazy, giant lab mixes) and I don't keep up with laundry very well. I love to eat healthy most days, but sometimes I have dessert for breakfast, buy frozen pizza for dinner. And then have ice cream. No one is perfect! It is totally fine. 

No matter how we begin and end our day, or how it goes in the middle, we all spend time at the table. Whether the table is set with paper towels, pizza and beer, fine china, homemade pasta and wine, or a cup of coffee and a piece of toast, that table is where life's best conversations happen

Here at Set the Table, I want to have those conversations with you about living a balanced life, cooking amazing food for our families and friends, and everything in between

Yoga/sweatpants encouraged. Makeup optional. Kindness, grace, and understanding required. 

I started this site after several years of blogging while we lived in Tokyo, Japan. While my first food blog will always hold a special place in my heart, when we moved to Colorado 6 years ago, I wanted to start fresh. This site began as a place for me to share recipes that I serve at my table. As with many things in life, Set the Table has evolved over the years to include more than just food. I've always loved to cook but my current season of life doesn't always allow the time and space for photographing and sharing recipes.

My focus has expanded to include not only food, but also parenting and living a healthy lifestyle. I try to be real and honest because there is so much out there that leads us to believe our lives are not pretty and perfect enough. I want everyone to feel like they have a place at my table. And I want to inspire you to welcome others to your table as well. 

With Love,