Cocktail Friday: Boozy Creamsicle Shake

Orange Creamsicle Shake It has been incredibly hot here this week. And dry. There are fires raging already here in Colorado and it is still very early in the season. The most destructive fire in Colorado's history, the Black Forest fire near Colorado Springs, has forced many to leave their homes, burned over 350 homes to the ground, and killed 2 people. I know how it feels to have to leave your home without much warning. The feelings of uncertainty and fear are not easy to cope with. My prayers are with all who have been affected by the fires and my hope is that this is not setting the scene for what we will experience throughout the rest of the summer.

Spiked Creamsicle Shake

I don't want to dwell on things that are sad. But they should be acknowledged. Take a moment to be thankful for your home, your safety, your family, and appreciate the good things. This creamsicle shake is a good thing. The classic flavors of orange and vanilla create a refreshing yet indulgently creamy treat with a little added heat from a healthy dose of vodka makes this a perfect adult version of a childhood favorite. It's quite possibly the perfect way to welcome the weekend.

Boozy Creamsicle Shake

I didn't add any milk to this milkshake because of how hot it is here, making the ice cream softer and easier to blend. Plus, the vodka provided enough extra liquid. However, you can certainly add milk if you like it a little thinner.

Boozy Orange Creamsicle Shake

Here's hoping you have a happy, safe weekend filled with love and laughter. No matter where you are or what challenges you have faced this week.

Cheers, friends!