Grown-Up Ice Cream Sundaes {3 Ways}

Sundaes 3 Ways Do you ever have one of those days that just feels difficult? The kind of day that, by the end of it, leaves you feeling completely deflated and exhausted? It doesn't happen too often, but when it does, it's quite the brick wall that smacks me in the face. I think part of the process of moving from Japan to Colorado must be learning to bottle up my emotions associated with missing/letting go of our former home while beginning to love our new one. Does that make sense? Then, it just all comes out at once and I begin to realize how much I miss the familiar streets, sounds, and routines of Tokyo. It's funny that a place that started out being so strange and different became so normal to me.

None of my problems are really that bad. But I think we all have times when the problems we do have become just a little too much. And we need a good cry. Am I right?

After an emotionally draining day, I seem to want something decadent and comforting to enjoy while I pick up the pieces of myself that have been scattered willy nilly on the floor. Ice cream usually does the trick. And it is especially appropriate with all the crazy heat we have been having here in Denver this week. Nearly 100 degrees, lots of sun, zero rain, and gusty wind. Not a great combination for our drought-stricken part of the country.

OK- enough of all that serious stuff. Let's talk about these sundaes.

First, we have a salted caramel macchiato sundae made with coffee ice cream, salted caramel and fresh whipped cream. Holy Hannah, that's delicious.

Salted Caramel Macchiato Sundae

Then, there is a classic sundae made boozy, with chocolate syrup, whipped cream, a cute little cherry on top and a splash of Cointreau. Can't go wrong with a combination that has stood the test of time, can you? And a little bit of boozy flavor makes it just right for adults. I also added some toasted pine nuts in place of peanuts. Yum.

Boozy Classic Sundae

And now, the best for last is this sundae made with chocolate ice cream, covered in both chocolate sauce and caramel, then sprinkled with buttery, salty popcorn and chopped pecans. I'm playing favorites and this is it.

Chocolate + Popcorn Sundae

I'm not really endorsing eating your sorrows away (or am I?), but I am saying that ice cream sundaes can have a fun, grown up twist that will brighten any day.

You don't really need a recipe for these, but I'll give them to you anyway. While we're at it, why don't you give me your favorite ideas for ice cream sundaes in the comments below! It's going to be hot here all week, so I'll need some more inspiration!