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12 Days of Self-Care | Drink Water

12 Days of Self-Care | Drink Water

Welcome, friends!

I’m beyond excited to share 12 Days of Self-Care with you. Each day, I’m going to give you ONE actionable item to help you take better care of your mind and body. Don’t be afraid to start during this busy time of year. Usually, that’s when we need self-care the most! Some of these topics won’t be new, but my goal is to help you see how easy they are to incorporate into your day. Don’t forget to subscribe so you don’t miss out!


Yesterday, we talked about meditation as a form of self-care. Today, I’d like to talk about something even simpler: drinking water! When I was a kid, there was a song on a kid’s radio station that they played all the time called “Water”. It went a little something like this:

Water. It’s a very wonderful thing, water.

Water. It makes me want to just sing, water.

Imagine me singing this in a rather dramatic fashion, especially when I get to the word ‘sing’. Anyway, I think of this song a lot. Every time I pour a glass of water for myself, actually. File under: things my husband doesn’t even know about me.

Why you should drink water:

Some basic benefits of hydrating yourself:

  • gives your immune system a boost

  • prevents headaches

  • keeps digestion healthy

  • helps skin stay healthy

I don’t know about you, but all of these things can end up being stressful during the holiday season if they aren’t in tip top shape. Getting sick, getting headaches easily, eating too much junk and feeling ‘off’, having super dry skin from the cold air…these are all things that most of us battle and we don’t have to!

How to make it work:

Here’s how I make drinking water super easy:

In the morning (while I meditate, if I’m lucky) I’ll have a hot water with lemon, honey and a sprinkle of cayenne. I like warm drinks in the morning and this also gives me an excellent jolt of vitamin c. After breakfast, I fill up my water bottle and take it with me when I do school drop off. Hopefully that is empty by the time I return home, and I fill it up again. In the afternoon, I either have another hot water or a cup of chamomile tea (yep- totally counts!) while I sit and catch up on emails or read or do laundry. If I workout that day, I drink a bottle of water the hour before, then another during my workout, and another in the hour after I workout.

Those are just some examples of how I work water into my day. No, I don’t always meet my quota but I get much closer with these habits than I might otherwise!

How do you get enough water each day? Let’s help each other with this simple act of self-care by offering easy suggestions! You never know who needs your little bits of wisdom!

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