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Welcome to Set the Table! My name is Rachael and I'm here to help you set your table with beautiful, healthy, delicious food your family and friends will love. More importantly, I'm here to encourage you to welcome everyone to your table. Talk. Listen. Laugh. Eat. Be kind. 

Wasteless Wednesday | Getting Started

Wasteless Wednesday | Getting Started

Every Wednesday, I’m going to share with you some of my favorite ways to work toward a zero waste 24 hours in the kitchen. These tips are easy to implement, affordable (anyone else a fan of saving $$$?), and kind to our planet.

Welcome to my first Wasteless Wednesday post! Today, I'm offering my favorite (and easiest) tips for those of you who need to take that first step to wasting less. We have gotten to the point where our trash bin is rarely even half full because of how much we've reduced the amount of trash we produce in the kitchen! None of it has been disruptive to our lifestyle and all of it has saved us money and time.

 Here we go:


Reusable Sandwich/snack bags: These bags are essential, especially if you have little ones! They are perfect for packing snacks for the park, or for school lunches. And they are really easy to clean! It’s amazing how much money you can save with this one simple change. 


Bees Wax Wrap: I have to admit that I struggled with this change in our kitchen. It felt strange to me not using plastic wrap. But after a few weeks, I started to really love this stuff. It keeps food just as fresh as plastic wrap and it can be used over and over and over again with a simple wash in soapy water in between uses. 


Glass Straws: I am obsessed with these! We have smoothies a few times a week and after using paper straws (great for photos but TERRIBLE for actually drinking smoothies out of) I finally decided to give these glass straws a try. I love them because, unlike stainless steel straws, you can see through them so you know if they are nice and clean. We've had ours for well over a year now and, I know some of you are wondering about this, we have not broken any! With a 3 year old and a 6 year old using them daily, that's saying a lot about their durability! 

So here’s what you can do with this information: order what you feel comfortable getting started with. For us, the straws were the easiest place to start. Or, go ahead and jump in by getting all three. Starting small with big changes is key. Fortunately, every small change you make will make counts! 

If you start implementing any of these changes, I’d LOVE to see photos! Share on Instagram and tag me (@setthetableblog) in the photo!  ♥️

Wasteless Wednesday | Set the Table
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