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Welcome to Set the Table! My name is Rachael and I'm here to help you set your table with beautiful, healthy, delicious food your family and friends will love. More importantly, I'm here to encourage you to welcome everyone to your table. Talk. Listen. Laugh. Eat. Be kind. 

Sweet & Spicy Curried Mango Chicken Salad

Sweet & Spicy Curried Mango Chicken Salad

Spicy Curried Mango Chicken Salad

This week has gone...a little differently than planned. 

I'm not complaining, because this cold and flu season has been easy on us this year. BUT we had a little run in with a tummy bug for the 6 year old this week and he was out of school for two days. Of course, those were meant to be my most productive days of the week. FINE. It's all fine. But I definitely slacked off on taking care of myself while I took care of him. I frantically disinfected the house (anyone else do that when people start getting sick?) and pretty much threw any good eating habits out the window just so I didn't have to think too hard about my meals. Not a good plan. My face is breaking out, I'm exhausted, and I just wish I would have gotten my act together and remembered that caring for myself helps me care for everyone else. Hindsight, am I right? 

Even during regular weeks, I really struggle with lunch. I want to eat something healthy and flavorful and energy boosting, but most of the time I do NOT have any plan for making that happen. Once I prepare whatever my super picky children will eat, I am exhausted. I don't want to make any more decisions. And I end up having some random assortment of things just to get me through to dinner. It isn't usually exciting and it is rarely as well-balanced as I'd like. But then I started making chicken salad and EVERYTHING CHANGED. 

spicy mango chicken salad | set the table

This chicken salad is amped up with mango, homemade curry mayo, and golden raisins. I like mine with a heavy drizzle of sriracha and piled into a lettuce cup. But you could put this on a sandwich, on top of a big salad, or just eat it straight out of the bowl. You can use canned chicken or rotisserie chicken. You an use mango or apple or cucumber. It's literally the easiest, most flavorful lunch and I'm obsessed. 

So, if you're feeling as scatter brained and tired and stretched thing as I am right now, I know this will give you LIFE. Take the 5-10 minutes you need to make this at the beginning of the week and you will be so thankful you did. Part of eating healthy is planning and taking the time to succeed throughout the week. Recipes like this, that require so little time and prep, are my secret to sticking with a way of eating that helps me deal with the uncertainty that is life with young kids. 

spicy curried mango chicken salad | set the table

Sweet & Spicy Curried Mango Chicken Salad

makes 6 servings

1 lb cubed rotisserie chicken breast, skin removed (or a 12 oz can of chicken, drained)

1 cup cubed mango

1/4 cup golden raisins

1/3 cup toasted cashews

1/2 cup mayonnaise (I like to make my own but you an also use store bought- Whole 30 approved is always a plus!) 

1 tablespoon lime juice

1 tablespoon curry powder

1/2 teaspoon cayenne powder

salt & black pepper to taste

sriracha, extra cashews, fresh cilantro leaves, lettuce for serving

Combine the chicken, mango, raisins, and cashews in a large bowl. In a separate small bowl, combine the mayo, lime juice, curry powder, cayenne, salt and pepper. Mix until well combined. Add the mayo to the chicken and toss to combine. Serve the chicken salad in lettuce cups with desired toppings. 

THAT IS IT! So easy. Now sit down, take a breath, and ENJOY! 

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