Cocktail Friday: DIY Washi Wine Labels

DIY Wine Glass Labels I have always always loved throwing parties. When I was a kid, I would page through my mom's Southern Living Christmas books just dying to try homemade chocolate truffles and to decorate the mantle with big, extravagant flower arrangements. When I was a freshman in high school, I decided actually attempted one of these crazy, homemade parties. There was an insane amount of food- too much for the number of people I invited. I made chocolate truffles by hand, paper garlands with gold painted leaves that I drew and cut out myself, and bite sized appetizers all made from scratch.

Unfortunately, that night I learned the true meaning of the word awkward when only 4 people showed up, barely ate a thing, and played ping pong the entire night because that's what normal 15 year olds do. It was a learning experience- one of many that I’ve had over years, although this one seems to stand out more than most.

DIY Washi Labels

I'm not sure if it was my humiliating experience or the fact that I'm turning 30 tomorrow (egads!), that makes me want to find simpler ways of entertaining. Simpler doesn't have to mean boring, though! I have been wanting to try some different DIY projects involving washi tape recently and this one sort of happened by accident. I was trying to think of the best way to label glasses for guests at my 30th birthday party and thought this would be fun and festive. And most importantly, SIMPLE.

Wine Glass Name Tags

Here is what I did: Cut 2-3 inch long pieces of washi tape Carefully press them onto the glasses Using a Sharpie, write guests names on the glasses OR leave the Sharpie out so that guests can write their own names on the glasses When you are finished, the washi tape will come right off without leaving any sticky residue

That's all there is to it! Much easier than drawing and cutting out leaves, painting them in gold pain, and gluing them together in a long garland, don’t you think?

Now, any advice for 30 year olds?