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Turn off the TV and do these 5 things instead...

Turn off the TV and do these 5 things instead...


Guys, I have a very real problem and it is called Netflix. I just cannot stop. I get hooked on a series and it's like a challenge to see how quickly I can get through all of the episodes. Some days, I cannot get myself to do anything else once the kids go to sleep at night and that's OK. Sometimes. But it's getting out of hand... Also, it is not at all helpful that this election is sucking the life out of me and I just want to MAKE IT STOP. Escaping into the lives of fictional characters is keeping me sane.

Still, to save my brain from becoming complete mush, I've been pushing myself to do other things that help shake me out of my obsessive TV-watching behavior. I can't be the only one dealing with this struggle, so I thought I'd share these 5 things in the hopes it might breath new life into your nighttime routines.

  1. Do something musical: If you play an instrument, dig it out and start playing it again. Or, start listening to music that makes you happy and relaxed. Bored with your current playlist? Spend your time discovering new artists. Music has the ability to do so many good things for our minds and bodies.
  2. Tea + Coloring: One of my favorite things to do right before bed is to make a cup of chamomile tea to sip while I color. I know, I know. It seems crazy for adults to color, but it's trendy for a good reason! There is something so innocently wonderful about coloring inside the lines and watching the picture come together in hues you get to choose. It's also helpful for those evenings when I have so many things going around my head that I simply cannot fathom reading words on a page. It only adds to the chaos. Coloring, on the other hand, helps me to think through all of those thoughts while gradually relaxing and slowing things down.
  3. Audio books: I love listening to audio books during my kids' naps. I can get things done around the house while listening to a captivating story. Plus, I won't feel left out the next time someone says, "Hey, did you read _______? Everyone I know has read it."
  4. Do One Project: Sometimes, doing just one small project at the end of the day can help me feel at ease. That stack of magazines on the kitchen counter? Go through them and recycle whatever you don't want to keep. Those last dishes in the sink? Wash them so you know you're starting fresh in the morning. That picture you've been wanting to hang for months? Hang it!
  5. Write: Just write. Let your thoughts spill out on paper. There is nothing more therapeutic than getting it all out on paper, regardless of how little sense it makes. This is not the kind of writing you want other people to consume, so don't worry so much about punctuation, fancy words, etc.

I'm not saying that you should neglect Netflix forever. Just some nights. For your own mental health.


Turn off the TV. Do these 5 things instead. | Set the Table
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